Monday, February 9, 2009

New Hampshire to air its views on Mass. tire sale case

Thieves squabble over victims and territory.
By Associated Press
February 05, 2009 8:03 PM
CONCORD — New Hampshire's governor and attorney general say they're getting involved in a sales tax case between Massachusetts and a tire vendor to protect New Hampshire businesses from having to collect sales taxes on behalf of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts officials say the case before its Supreme Judicial Court applies only to one company, Connecticut-based Town Fair Tire Centers Inc., and one set of circumstances. The company sold tires in New Hampshire to customers who appeared to be from Massachusetts, yet didn't collect the 5 percent sales tax that would have been levied on similar sales at one of the Town Fair's Massachusetts stores.

Gov. John Lynch says he thinks it's outrageous that Massachusetts thinks it can impose its sales tax in New Hampshire, which doesn't even have a sales tax.

Attorney General Kelly Ayotte plans to file a brief with the Massachusetts court.