Friday, March 6, 2009

State Prohibits Doctor From Offering Cost Effective Service

The state has driven up medical costs through regulation and cartelization. It has hampered the production of drugs, the amount of doctors, and free entry into the market place. The trend is for nationalization. It intervenes into the market, causes chaos, then intervenes again to correct the harmful consequences of its previous intervention. Any competitors to this, offering alternatives to state mismanagement, will be crushed.

NY regulators frown on doctor's flat-fee system

Published: March 4, 2009 - 2:20 pm

(AP) - A New York City doctor's flat-fee, $79-a-month medical practice has run afoul of state insurance regulators who have told him to shut it down.

Dr. John Muney said Wednesday he's negotiating to try to keep the arrangement at his AMG Medical Group centers. The fee includes unlimited office visits, some tests and in-office surgeries. It doesn't cover treatment requiring hospitalization or specialized care.

Dr. Muney sees it as a formula for making health care affordable and patient-friendly at a time when many people are losing jobs and medical benefits.

But the state Insurance Department says Dr. Muney's system amounts to insurance and requires a license.